MR816CSX vs UR824


I just switched to UR824 from MR816csx, I’m now exporting a mix and need to increase my ASIO buffer because of CPU overload…not really pushing so I’m puzzled. It’s really easy to change on the MRX, but I can´t find it on the UR… I don’t have the manual around, forgot it at my brother’s… Anyone know the solution? Thanks!


From within Cubase select Devices, Device setup, Yamaha Steinberg USB Asio, Control panel and the buffer size is on the Asio tab.
At least that’s what the manual says which is available on the Steinberg website if you forgot yours.

Bad exchange the MR816CSX is better !

Agreed :frowning:

MR816CSX is best ! working since 11.10.2009 very well at my studio–very nice recording result----bad ex-change :sunglasses: