MR816x ADAT / SPDIF outputs not working

Today I had a session at a friend’s studio. He is running ProTools with an HD-X interface and two HD-192 interfaces. I brought my computer, which I had used to mix the material we were working on, and attempted to output stems in Cubase via the ADAT outputs of my MR816x. No matter what we tried, we could not get a signal into ProTools.

I did set the Digital I/O section in the FW driver to “ADAT” and also tried the Optical S/PDIF setting. Nothing. We played with settings on the MR816x and in ProTools for over three hours trying to figure this out.

Finally, just as an experiment, I connected a Prism Orpheus that my friend uses for location recording, loaded the drivers on my computer (Windows 7, Cubase 6.5), and loaded Cubase. I assigned the ADAT outputs on the Prism and we got audio right into ProTools, no fuss, no muss.

So… is there something wrong with my MR816x? Is there a setting I missed? Are any other folks here using the ADAT outputs?

I figured it out after mulling over things in my head last night. The ADAT outputs on the MR816x are turned down by default. The only way to turn them up is either to use the MR Software (outside of Cubase, without Cubase running) or to use the Audio Hardware Mixer in Cubase. In order to use the Audio Hardware Mixer, the outputs must be assigned to something.

Seems silly that the default is to have the channels turned down. Of course, the MR816x saves the last used configuration so now that I’ve turned them up, they should stay that way.

Whoa I wonder if this is my issues as well…I sent mine in for repair after the same scenario went down and they said they found no problems…I thought I had checked on the level of the outputs though.

Im having the exact same problem getting ADAT to output on MR816CSX.

I have done everything you said in the MR editor, then I reopened cubase and still can’t hear via ADAT outs?

Must I also change settings in cubase hardware as well as the level changes I made in the MR Editor?


Don’t want to hijack your thread but can you tell me where you sent for repair? I’ve been having some issue w/mine and I’m tired of chasing them thought it would be nice to confirm there are no hardware issues.

I figured it out. I was using a £15 A/D converter box! It did not occur to me that I need and 8 channel adat a/d breakout box like the Behringer ADA8000.