MR816X Analog I/O

I have one query.
I want to do multitrack recording of live concert with on stage microphones. I want to route microphone signals th’ MR816X to PA system Mixer. So that I can record my tracks as well as PA system engg. can use those signals for further process parallely. My only worry is for any reason if my DAW software/Laptop get crashed then will PA system engg. will continue to get microphone signals?
Can MR816X function with out conneting laptop? :confused:


The 816 remembers it’s settings from how it was saved in the MR Control panel… and will run standalone. So if you configured it for the live set up in there and saved it, then ran the DAW to record both should work.

If the DAW crashes I think the 816 will continue to run… assuming it wasn’t the 816 that crashed, causing the DAW to crash…

I don’t know if it will be seamless though … I’ll try it when I get a moment.


Best to use a mic splitter.

hi… Lee
thanks for response.
Well can you post your feedback after testing?
I will really appreciate your help.
though I am Instru’n Engg. , i am not familiar with sound system

can you suggest 6-8 i/o mic splitter. Particular make?

You can pick up a ART S8 8 for around $200 in the US. Stay away from split cables and use an actual hardware “splitter”. Don’t forget, you’ll need 3 mic cables for each source instead of one.
Another option (although not simple) is using the MR816 as the live mixer as in this thread: