MR816X analog plus ADAT


I’m using 3 cascaded Steinberg MR816X units and for now I’m only using the 8 analog outputs of each unit (total of 24).
My question is if it’s correct that I can add 8 ADAT outputs per unit extra and making them analog by using f.i. an Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain for each MR816X (for another 24 outputs)?

And if so, any experiences someone likes to share?


Yes, it has 16 bus from daw and each path can be assigned to any of its’ outputs, so you can certainly have 8 analogue outs + 8 adat (to DA).

You can also use 2 headphone outs as 2 extra stereo analogue outputs, so the machine actually has 12 analogue outputs in total, I used to connect all 12 to a desk when I do live gigs. However, it only has 16bus so each headphones has to use one of pairs used for adat, i.e. you can’t have 12 analog + 8adat, total number of in/out has to be 16 but in any configuration including those headphone outs, analog outs, adat outs, and spdi/f out.

IMO, it has the great quality mic amps and also has pristine A/D D/A quality, current 2nd hand price is very good just as 8 mic pres & A/Ds in a 1U rack. It remembers the patching state so you don’t need firewire connection once it is set as pre to adat converter. 3 cascaded MRs must be a great setup.

Thanks for your reply!