MR816X and Cubase 7.5.10 control room meter.

In devices - VST connections I created 2 stereo outputs.
All tracks are routed to 1 fx channel. The fx channel can be routed to output 1 or 2.
Why is the meter in the control room only working with output 1 ?

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i think it shows only the “Default output” level (and the control room -monitor if activated )
in vst connection window go to outputs tab- the output colored orange is the default output, u can change it by right click on other output and set it to default.(also all mediabay ,vari-audio etc auditioning sound will go to default output or control room if connected)

Hoi Mozizo,

In Devices - VST connections - Outputs I activated the second output as “Main mix”.
And… both are working !!