MR816x and El Capitan: How long do we have to wait?


I have had my MR816x as the centerpiece of my studio since 2011. I cannot use my studio right now, as my iMac updated automatically. I cannot roll back either.

I just want to know if A) there will be an update, and B) APPROXIMATELY when it will be available. I am aware these things take time, but I really don’t want to sit around waiting for an update that is not coming.

PLEASE let us know if and when an update is coming. Winter is here, and it my most productive time:)



W10 users are still waiting too. Steinberg’s stellar customer service is on full display here. Sorry to tell yoo this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…

I updated for reasons other than just Cubase. I took a risk and it didn’t pay off. I couldn’t wait any longer and gone for new hardware from a company that’s switched on and up to date. This just made me jump sooner. I’ve been using Cubase since I bought my Atari 1040st, but this latest shooting themselves in the foot by Steinberg is looking like the final straw for me and Steinberg all together. I’m looking at a new DAW too now. Weeks have gone by now and not only no fix, but not even an update on progress. Even a provisional timetable would have helped. It’s just not good enough.

Yep, I’ve about had it. Not a word, no updates, nothing.

I’d be willing to wait if I knew how long. And if Steinberg thinks those of us that are griping about this are going to buy their products again, they are insane.

Not only will I not buy their products, but I’ll make sure anyone who asks my opinion knows how Steinberg dealt with this.

We understand if it takes time to fix an unexpected problem. We get pissed if we aren’t kept up to date.


Of course, as soon as I posted, they have an update on the front page. Still no support, but it is looking a bit better.

Two more months man, its NOT looking better IMO. As you said though, this will be my last I/O with Sternberg and Cubase may take a hike as well

Same issue here!!
please friends I hope you understand it
We need the drives!!!