MR816X as ADAT slave - low volumes

I’m currently using my UAD Apollo Quad as master and my Steinberg MR816x as Adat slave to get more ins & outs for all my 500 series modules. I have followed the instructions to rout the ins & outs to the correct adats and it works. But, the MR816x seems very sensitive with the volumes.
I have to lower the signal almost 20db in order for it not to peak which seems to generate quite low input volume to the 500 series compressor that receives the signal.

I have to admit, routing the signals in the MR816x mixer is weird to me so maybe I’ve missed something:

Anybody out there who sits on a solution for this?

I’m grateful for any help with this
// Magnus

MR816x has TRS balanced output, have you already used correct TRS to XLR cable?
IIRC MR series are calibrated to -18dBu=0dBFS, many of 500 series modules shouldn’t have any trouble getting it full, but if you have used mono jack to XLR, it will rise by 6dB.
Also, If you are sending master, instrument bus or anything that is as loud, +18dBu=0dBFS D/A is often too loud (e.g. SSL centre module compressor easily distorts if you are using it as an external efx from daw master insertion). It’s good idea to turn down before D/A while the signal is still float i.e. at cubase output bus fader or on external efx panel output knob.