MR816x Blue-Screening

XPS M1330, 3.0GB, 32bit, Windows 7 Ultimate, Cubase 5, Reaper 4, Pure-Data, PCI dual firewire port

Finally managed to get my new MR816x to be recognised by my computer, after the turmoil of the IEEE-1394 (4-conductor) port (functional) but not working with the interface. So I had to go out and get a PCI port holding two firewire inputs. Once connected everything seems fine, then I set my default sound-card to the MR816x, and the second sound signal starts to be played out of the MR816x it has heavy latency, followed by skips then I instantly get the blue-screen of death. Let alone starting to think about opening something like Cubase. So far this +£500 sound-card has brought me nothing but pain and suffering. Can anyone suggest anything before I either get a refund and a replacement for the USB version? The installation of software was easy and smooth enough, nothing appears to be faulty with my laptop at all, everything is updated and there is plenty of memory space to breathe on the hard-drive, no unused or bizarre drivers, no malware or viruses, no registry errors, nothing. I’ve read everything available to me and still no clue why this is happening other than the fact my laptop doesn’t have it’s own in-built firewire port, but if that’s the case then what’s the point in PCI? Also there are no other firewire devices or sound-cards connected, I’ve tried completely unplugging everything except for the MR816x and still no joy to be found. HELP

I had the same problems initially.
This is what got it connected:

  • Disconnect the MR816X

  • Boot up. (If you still blue screen, remove the firewire card until machine is booted up, I have an express card made by SIIG with TI chipset and I bluescreened as well.)

  • Change the firewire driver to the LEGACY driver.

You can find this option in system>device manager>ieee 1394 controller.

Double click the controller, go to the driver page, go to update driver, manual selection (I’m not sure of the specific dialogue boxes, not at home right now)… if you do it right, a few choices should pop up, one of them will say LEGACY in it.

  • If this is the first time you’re selecting the legacy driver, you will probably have to reboot.

  • After this, UNINSTALL the drivers (programs, Yamaha drivers or something)

  • Then, REINSTALL the drivers. Not sure if you need to reboot but it’s not a bad idea.

  • THEN reconnect the MR816X after reboot. It should be detected and now work.

  • Last step if you want windows sound (mp3 etc) is to go to SOUNDS (in control panel) and select that as default device to get sounds through it.

Good luck. Even though I did this and it now plays back, I am getting lots of audio dropouts. I know it’s the driver that is crappy because my Profire 610 gives me NO issues.

I have been having similar problems with my new machine. gigabyte mb, AMD 3.1 GHz 8 core cpu.

I was getting blue screens all the time using 2 MR’s together. Stienberg support found that there was a lot of error traffic on my PCI bus. I don’t know why that would cause a blue screen with the mr, but it did.

For me the fix was a different video driver. I’m using an nvidia 7950GT, and the latest driver caused all sorts of problems, but I reverted to the febuary driver (I don’t remember the number) and it’s working great now. 2 weeks so far, no crashes.

I never had pops and clicks though, no performance problems, just blue screens, so this may not apply to your problem. I did try the legacy firewire driver, but that didn’t help me. I’m using the regular driver now, it works on both the onboard via controller and the TI pcie card I have.

I do agree though, these drivers need improvement, just to be more stable in more situations.

Also are they ever going to fix the bug where the mr preset gets lost after exiting cubase? that one annoys me daily.
sorry don’t mean to go off topic.

How did they find out there was “error traffic on the PCI bus” and what does that mean?

My entired HDD got corrupted after a recent shutdown, too many blue screens?
So… back your drive up now if you haven’t done so :slight_smile:

I transferred what I could off my HDD, but all of those files ended up being corrupted for some reason so I basically lost almost everything I was working on. Admittedly, not THAT much, and this is my hobby, not my profession, but still. I have no idea how this happened, or what it was.

Maybe I shouldn’t have run chkdsk after it wouldn’t boot.

Good Question. I sent them my systeminfo file and I guess it was in that? I actually don’t know, I’m not sure how to debug that sort of thing.

sorry about your hdd, and yes I backup daily, no data problems in years.