MR816x Device Not Found

I have used the MR816 for years successfully on many Mac OS X. From Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Yosemite and most recently, El Capitan. Other than some minor stability issues and Word Clock Synchronisation it has been a fantastic unit.

On the 20th September, 2018 all of my Macs simply stopped being able to see the MR816, yet the computers can see all of my other Audio Interfaces.
I contacted Steinberg Support, raised a ticket and was instructed to do everything that I had already done.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall most up to date Drivers V1.7.8. No Change in status.
  2. Update Fimware. Firmware was already up to date - but as no computer could see the MR816 I couldn’t do it anyway.
  3. Perform a Hardware Reset. No change in Status.
  4. Reinstall El Capitan. No change in status.
  5. Try with different Firewire cables, even though all other Audio Interfaces work fine with the current ones. No change in status.

I have even gone through and removed everything associated to Yamaha and Steinberg from the computer, just in case there was any remnant of old data that has stopped connectivity between the MR816 and any computer.

The ticket has been open for over 20 days and I am no closer to being able to use the MR816.

When powered up, the usual LED’s flash but there is no Word Clock synchronisation occurring, thus no computer can see the device and the MREditor displays “Device Not Found”. I have used the MR816 in conjunction with other devices to create aggregate devices on all Macs and until now this has never been a problem.

Has anyone else had these problems? I have tried everything on this forum. Are there any hardware tests that can be done to either confirm that the MR816 is broken, or resolve these connectivity issues?

Any responses will be greatly appreciated, as would any response from Yamaha/Steinberg.

All the best,


  1. System Preferences
  2. Go to Security and Privacy
  3. Go to Privacy Tab
  4. Click on on the Lock at the bottom to make changes, enter your password, click Unlock
  5. Click on the MR Editor box and the Yamaha Firewire Control Panel box
  6. Click the lock , done

Also, you need to go to the security settings when installing the drivers and allow them to be accessed if I recall. So uninstall the driver, extension and MR console using the installer app. Re- install then go to the security settings and see if it asks to allow the installation.

Try a

  1. Reset NVRAM, Option+Command+P+R while booting up, hold until 3rd chime then let the keys go
  2. Reset SMC, Shift+Control + Option, NOTE: SMC reset may be diff depending on which Mac you are using

Hi Shanabit,

thanks for the input on the thread; I’ve tried everything in it and still the MAC running 10.11.6 does not see the MR816, or any other MAC that I have. In actual fact I went onto the Yamaha site and tried their recommendations of installing the 1.7.4 Firewire update and still nothing. I have since uninstalled everything and reinstalled the 1.7.8 package and still the MAC does not see the MR816x.

I’ve gotta admit that the MR816 is the best Audio Interface that I have used, but with the issue being open for over a month now I’m getting to the point as to where I will have to look for another unit of this quality as the other devices I have a good, but not great. The issue has been sent to Development but I’ve heard no updates for 10 days and whilst everyone kind of knows that there are stability issues with the device, we put up with it because it is so damned good at what it does, but after a month it’s becoming unbearable.

Once again, thanks for the input and we’ll see what happens.

All the best,


Just so anyone reading this thread knows, I have had this issue for over two months. I have had literally no support from Steinberg even though this has been with DEV for two months. At this point, due to the lack of answers, let alone resolution I am moving to another Hardware Provider as this poor level of customer service should not be tolerated when paying for such hardware. Whilst I have loved using the MR816, I cannot continue to endure the lack of communication and support and will be using another providers Hardware as the customer support cannot be as bad as what it is here!

I hope any user of Steinberg hardware does not have to go through what I have and I wish you all best with your endeavors!

All the best,