MR816x Does Not Work With Win 10 KB4489899 ?

March 12, 2019—KB4489899 Win 10 Build causes compatability issues with the MR816x

Driver compatablity issue with the MR816x that causes random blue-screen errors, system restarts and boot loops when the MR816x is powered on.

Error Codes you might encounter:

  • WDF_Violation - useually driver related
  • Bad_Pool_Caller Error - useally hardware related

If you turn off the MR816x and power on the machine, Win 10 will function as normal. As soon as you turn on the MR816x and it communicates with the MR utility, the system instantly bluescreens or reboots. It can also causes boot loops where Win 10 will prepetually try to load or try repair the issue (if you leave the unit powered on)

EDIT: Here’s a quick video showing you the problem (unlisted) :

Things I’ve done to test / reach this conclusion

  • Re-installed Win 10
  • Removed and tested hardware individually (RAM, GPU, Storage ETC…)
  • Tried different driver sets for system (including latest drivers for ALL devices)
  • Tried a different PCI Firewire card (to connect the MR816x)
  • Used an older build of Win 10 (Worked Fine)

Previously had NO issues until this update.

Unless Steinberg updates the drivers Im guessing you have a nice brick there.

Have you tried the legacy FW drivers for your PC itself, not the MR Tools and all that?

Had to roll back to an older version of Windows 10 to get it working… But still, when I eventually update Windows will likely make the hardware redundant unless Microsoft stop breaking stuff.

Between Microsoft breaking things and Steinberg doing NOTHING I think the road will get harder to keep this box going

I just wish some brainy dudes would get together and build an OS dedicated to audio creation. No B.S services, no bloat no useless crap we don’t need. Supports ALL hardware and software, lightning fast etc…

Decided to get a new interface, although this works ATM. I just know I’m going to end up pulling hairs when updates are needed. Shall be selling it.

Ah, my dream of the OS for AUDIO ONLY!!!

Good call getting a new Interface, what ya buy? Im due here as well

There’s this, just getting started.

IKR! - Well, I don’t need as many outputs these days. Was looking at RME but didn’t want to splash too much cash on PCI then external A/D. Tested out a few “budget” interfaces out and found the Audient ID14 a pleasant surprise. Really nice-&-quiet pres, A/D conversion is decent and the low latency performance is actually awesome! Out-performs the MR… hasn’t got as many connections, granted. But I only ADAT input. Does what I need it to do.

Oooo now that is interesting! Be great to get a copy to test out on an old machine. I’ve played around with Linux based DAWs many moons ago and I remember the performance was WAY better than Windows.