mr816x effects "not available"

I bought this sound card some time ago, and I am currently using cubase 8 pro.
I would like to try the built in effects on the card - but it just shows “not available”.
Where can I find detailed information on how to make this work?

  1. Open the MR Editor

  2. Go to SETUP

In the Digital I/O . External Effects box, change this to EXTERNAL FX. EXTERNAL FX in the MR Console actually means
Use as DAW Plugin Effect

  1. Look for MR816 in the effects when you are going to insert the effect or put it into and effects channel.

  2. Select what Reverb you want, the MR816X ONLY gives you Reverb BTW, no Compression or EQ

Thanks! That solved the problem :slight_smile:

Your welcome, I remember saying WTH trying to figure it out as it didn’t make any sense and STILL doesn’t