MR816x not recording audio into cubase

I have a new steinberg MR816x firewire interface. I have a T.I chipset firewire card, and the drivers were downloaded from steinbergs site today. Everything installed perfectly, and I also installed and registered the AI 5 that came with the interface.

I turn on the interface then boot up cubase ai. All the channels show up as active, and when i choose the direct monitoring option and the monitor button in the mixer, i can hear through the microphone. However when i hit record, nothing gets recorded. dead quiet…

I believe it might have something to do with the MR editor, and I am trying to get to the control room feature in ai 5, but i feel like they left that feature out in the AI version.

I tried everything i know to do. I’m new to cubase and multichannel interfaces are somewhat new to me. However, i didnt think i would be so stumped so quickly.

Any help would be wonderfuly appreciated. Also i dont know whether i should have my word clock on internal or word clock in. Word clocks seem confusing to me.

Control room is a C4, C5, C6 feature only, Clock source should be internal.

Take it out of Direct Monitoring mode for the moment and see if you still get a sound through a record and monitor enabled track?

If not check your Connections and channel input selection.

Thank you for your reply,

OK, so I turned off the direct monitoring. Nothing happened, same thing just no more monitoring.
SO, Then I decided to import an audio track too see if it would even play back.
I inserted the audio track and hit play… No audio coming out either. I have pictures showing the inputs set up to input 1 and the outputs to output 1/2 which would be stereo.

I uninstalled then re-installed the drivers today, as last time my computer did not prompt me to restart (found this to be a bit odd). After another installation, windows showed one of the popup bubbles stating it was installing the driver software, then saying it was ready to use (found this odd too, thought i just installed that?). Then my computer prompted me to restart and i happily did thinking this would solve my problems. It did not… still back to square one. I did some searching through the manuals and found installation confirmation steps in the book, with an included picture showing i should have the series, FW Bus, and FW WDM audio. I had all three, but there was a 4th repeated FW bus (as shown in one of the (hopefully) attached pictures). I found this odd and didn’t know if this could be the problem.

Again everything seems to be working perfectly, except audio is not getting from the interface to the computer and back out. Quick connect works (so that means the extension installed correctly from the MR tools), i can hear audio through the direct monitoring, and the interface communicates with the MR editor and options within cubase affect the interface. so i know they are connected, just not the audio part.

I have also tried to use the MR editor to get audio into another program, Sonar X1, but no such luck there either. I thought i did everything right in the software aspect, so I’m beginning to think it is my FW card or another part of my system, so here is a list of my system:

—32 bit windows vista running on a laptop.
—AMD dual core processor 2.00ghz.
—Firewire PCIe Notebook card from Rain Computers (Just got this for the occasion, and is suposed to be made for audio interfaces. If i find out this is the problem i will be very unhappy :imp: with Rain, but it is possible…).
—3gb RAM
—Unknown speed hard drive (and very limited space left if this means anything?)

Thank you for your help, and I will answer any more questions needed about my system or settings, and provide pictures upon request.

Cheers to all, and happy holidays! (182 KB)

What do you have you speakers connected to, the computers out or the interface out?

The left and right speakers are connected to outputs 1 and 2 respectively on the interface

Your picture shows you’re recording channel set to input 2.

Also you may like to delete output pairs 4 to 8 as you are only using 1 and 2 Stereo output.

It also shows your imported audio playing correctly through to the output buss 1 and 2 (stereo out)

I would make sure your interfaces control panel is set up correctly and you speakers are definitely connected to outputs 1 and 2 and are working.

i had tried recording into track 1 linked to input 1 as well, did not work; neither with channel 2 and corresponding 2nd input. That just happened to be the track i also tried to playback something else.

the speakers are plugged into ouputs 1 and 2 on the interface, and i know they work because i can hear sound when i turn on the direct monitoring. Still no recording audio though. i do see audio supposed to be going out, but nothing can be heard.

Thank you again,

Did you select the correct ASIO driver in Device Setup and add the correct buses in VST Connections?

The interface is chosen under devices for ASIO drivers. I have the pictures up of my VST connections map, and it appears (to me, as I am new to cubase) to be correct.


Can’t just view your attachment for some reason, it requires download which I avoid like the plague.

Have a look through this forum, it’s dedicated to your device. Posting your issue there would be a good idea, also.

the reason why the attachment requires download is probably because it’s a zip folder with multiple pic’s in it. I completely understand what you mean by avoiding downloads aha.