Mr816x on MacBook Air m1

Has anyone got the mr816x to work with os Monterey?
I have all the adapter cables, tried to install the drivers, got an error message, tried again now without error message, but the mr816x just doesn’t show up on the Mac. Not in the “sound” in the system prefs or even in the disk utility…

Yeah, it’s a pity but it won’t work.
The last compatible version is Mojave 10.14. Extensions handling was changed on BigSur and those drivers won’t load even with the “reduced security” option enabled. On top of that, those drivers aren’t apple silicon compatible. Unless they update their drivers, there’s no chance for apple silicon macs. I don’t think they update either since the firewire is a long-gone legacy.

The good thing is once you set up routing in the ToolsForMR on an older mac or on a windows machine, the setting will be written to the NVRAM, you only need to set it up once. The setting will persist after disconnections and power off, it works without any computer connected to the firewire, so you can use the MR as a mic pre.
I am still using MR816x as an 8ch mic pre A/D D/A ADAT converter this way. It’s connected to a ua apollo interface via ADAT then to an m1 mini. The mic pre is great which outperforms a lot of other expensive solid-state pres (Since the interface came out, I had compared it with a lot of other pre in studios, like SSL, FF, Grace, and so on but MR816X’s D-PRE always won), I love it.