MR816x: studio sends > singer can't hear herself

so this is what i did:

setup control room
setup studio (SINGER)
define mic input
enable studio sends in mixer
copy sends from mix
control room (SINGER) channel, plays as expected

when recording, the singer can hear her REV-X verb on the mix, but not herself.
ofcourse the channel that is recording has the studio send fader open, but you will not see the meters in the control room or hear her on the headphones. recording works fine though.

When i DISSABLE direct monitoring, the singer hears herself, but obviously with latency.

What am i missing here? everything seems to work, just not the singer hearing herself…
new tracking session tomorrow where i promissed to have it sorted so please HELP :mrgreen:

Have you pressed the monitor button on the track you want to record on?
Also on the input channels right click and select view hardware and press the headphone icon and make
sure that the headphone output is routing to the studio and not the control room

rebooted and now it works, must have been a config setting during startup direct monitoring is on en orange button is lit