MS continuing Win 7 Support

For those that are still.favour Windows 7 or have dual. boot IS machines.

I read yesterday on a news channel that as there are so many business installations (including government depts including military, NHS i(England) and many many other business’s globably, support for Windows 7 will continue until the bespoke and specialised software used by many has been bought up to date. This could take some years.

People/organisations who wish to continue getting updates can for a annual fee starting at £25 per year for a single machine.

That’s just the intro price for the Enterprise version, and it increase over time. This article also implies this is only for available for Enterprise & Pro.

Microsoft has thrown a lifeline to companies still not ready to migrate, similar to what they did with Windows XP: a paid extended support package that this year will cost organizations $25 per device running Windows 7 Enterprise and $50 per each Windows 7 Pro PC. The support’s cost will double each following year for both, leveling out at $100 per Windows 7 Enterprise license and $200 per Windows 7 Pro license.