MS view -> MS import /export?

Hi, it’s great to have the MS view.
is there any way to import an MS file and turn it to a Stereo file?
or the other way arround ?

sometime i get file way to distorted and cracky in the side before mastering.
and i might like to clean it only on the side before mastering.
a way to de/re-assemble MS files might help.

is there anyway to do it?
or might it be implemented?

for now i use pluggins only on the side directly in the clip,
but i would really prefers to do the cleaning job before mastering.


Try this plugin…

I’m sure there is other plugins out there

regards S-EH

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thanks a lot, I feel a little silly to haven’t spotted that before :sweat_smile:
and I looked for this quite a lot… sorry.

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