MSB LSB values for Roland Expansion Boards?

Hi, I have the World and Session expansion boards for my Roland XP-80 and can’t find any ready made patchname scripts on the web for these specific boards so will have to make my own.

Existing script has

User patches start p2,0,80,0
Preset -A starts p2,0,81,0
Preset -B starts p2,0,81,1
preset C starts p2,0,81,2
GM start p3,0,81,3

so would expansions start p2,0,81,4 and p2,0,81,5 depending on the slot they’re in?

Many thanks,

Hi Simon,

Here’s a complete overview of the SR-JV80 cards. For your XP-80 you can place them in any slot.

Just look for the LSB/MSB of your cards:

SR-JV80-05 >> World
SR-JV80-09 >> Session

Hi Nickledome really appreciate your help. I added a test patch from world and session boards to the existing xp-80 script using the document you mentioned and they appear in the pull down within new world and session folders but are triggering the wrong patches

eg. p2,2,89,9 afroharp is instead triggering GM3 p3,2,81,3 piano3
p2,1,89,16 concert grand is triggerring GM p3,20,81,3 reed organ

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?
thanks Simon

just to add that in the xp-80’s system ‘window’ is shows MSB and LSB values for ‘groups’ 1-7. 1-5 correspond to the internal patch groups and group 6 has values 84,0 which triggers the World expansion board. I was expecting group 7’s values of 84,1 to trigger the Session board but a script value of p2,1,84,1 triggered the World patch 130! So I’m closer but not quite there

  1. how to trigger the session board
  2. how to trigger patches over no. 128

Solved: for the world expansion board SR-JV80-05 in the XP-80 first slot you need patch codes beginning [p2,0,84,0] for first 128 and
[p2,0,84,1] for second batch. For the Session board SR-JV80-09 you need patch codes beginning [p2,0,84,2] and
[p2,0,84,3]. The Roland doc in an earlier post covers the XV synths which use MSB of ‘89’ but my XP80 needs ‘84’. It also looks like the LSB may depend on the slot position whereas the XV info implies the LSB is integral to the board. It’s taken a day to sort this but hopefully it’ll help others.