MSVCR90.dll missing


I’ve got Cubase SX, 4 & 6 installed one machine - With Cubase 4.1 or 4.5 when I update the plugins the error message comes up which reads MSVCR90.dll is missing - re-install this may solve the problem. It doesn’t stop Cubase 4 working though as of yet. Oddly with Cubase 4.0 installed this does not occur. Cubase SX 3.1 and Cubase 6.5.5 are OK when I scan the plugins.

Please will someone explain how I could fix this or why its happened in the first place. Thanks.

Bump for this please… :wink: explains what it is and points you to to where to download it.

Bumping after only a few hours? You need to have a little patience!!