Hi guys,
tried to use the MT PowerDrumkit VST Plugin ( in Dorico. It seems it’s not a VST3 Plugin, so i tried to add it to the Whitelist under Preferences. But nonetheless how often i add it, it doesn’t show up in the Play Dialog. Instead, every time i reopen the Preferences->VST Plug-ins Dialog, it shows up in the Blocked Plug-ins list, and i could reactivate it another time (see screenshot, already added to the whitelist twice)
Was anyone able to use this plugin?


I expect my colleague @Ulf would ask to see a set of diagnostic reports which might allow us to see why the plug-in is being blocked. Could you please run Dorico and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file to a reply to this thread?

Hi @frave, additionally to what Daniel wrote, when you add that plug-in to the whitelist, make sure that you save the file and also - very important - restart Dorico.

How strange!
This morning it started to work .Yesterday i tried the whole day to integrate that thing. Restarted several times Dorico, did a “Clear Audio Engine Cache”, but nothing helped. Additionally, it worked immediately in an other VST host. Only difference today: i restarted Windows. Now it shows up only under “Allowd Plug-ins”, not any more under “Blocked Plug-ins”. Seems really, the restart of Windows did the trick.
Btw, i sent the diagnostic report to Daniel via PM. Do you still need it?

Good to hear that it works now.
And therefore I also don’t need the diagnostics anymore :wink: