MTC sync with Final Cut Pro

I know the Dorico team has indicated that a future version may support MTC (MIDI timecode) sync and there have been several forum threads with this request or discussing how some Dorico users are already using the TXL Timecode plug-in to sync Dorico with DAWs. But yesterday I was reading a post on the VI-Control forum that opened up an exciting new use case for people like me that try to avoid DAWs if I can. DAW Bridge is an add-in to Final Cut Pro from Audio Design Desk that allows Dorico (with the TXL plugin) to sync MTC with FCPX. While still very experimental for me with potential caveats yet to be uncovered, I downloaded DAW Bridge, connected it to the TXL plug-in in Dorico, set the same frame rates in TXL and FCPX, and now Dorico controls the playhead in FCPX. This could be a big timesaver for video editing and composing & mixing music with Dorico and FCPX in tandem. It avoids having to export the video from FCPX and work with it in Dorico, then send it back to the video editor for more work. My favorite notation program is moving closer and closer to even more untapped potential, including enabling an expanded ecosystem for music and video creators. Maybe others may want to kick the tires(tyres) on this use case.