I was soo excited to see that VST Connect now supports Midi Time Code.
But whatever I try I can’t get it to work!
Sadly there is not much written in the manual.

Also the Performer always only shows the bars and beats, but not TC in the Information/Position window.

Is it a “Pro” only feature?!?

There usabilty in Cubase 8 is great! I hope we get something simlar in Nuendo with the Pro version soon.

MTC output on the Performer also works with the SE version :slight_smile:
As for TC display, good point, we’ll add an option to switch from bars/beat to TC.
You know you have to set up the MTC MIDI Port and Frame Rate in the Performer Configuration page, do you? If it doesn’t work, pls let us know your scenario, what device/software you connect the MTC output to etc.

Yes I did.

I use:

  • VST Connect SE on Cubase Pro 8.05
  • to VST Connect Performer 3 (64bit) on PC with a RME hdsp AIO card with just one Midi Out that is selected with 25fps
  • through a midi cable to the Midi input of an RME hdsp MADI card to remote an Nuendo 6.5.40 PC

I also put the midi output directly into my Rosendahl MIF MTC/LTC converter, but it didn’ recognize any timecode.

with the Pro3 Version the Performer was also updated to, but it still doesn’t output any midi timecode.

Also there is no option to remotely change the MTC midi port, or the frame rate,
only the performer can do this.

I was really looking forward for that feature.
Can we send SMPTE to a channel that the engineer on the other side can route to the TC in on his machine without routing it to the performer’s headphones?

That’s correct. We may add an option to remote control this later. The Performer has to know his equipment to use MTC so we thought that’s not necessary.
We will look into the MTC issue and see if we can find out what is going wrong with your setup.

thats already possible and I’m doing it,
you have to give the performer just the left mono signal and on the right channel just the timecode, you can generate with the nuendo/cubase plugin, (it needs y lot of panning in the sends…)
BUT you need an LTC to MTC converter Hardware, because Nuendo/Cubase just knows how to use Midi Time code :frowning:

Cool idea :slight_smile:

Cool idea :slight_smile:[/quote]

Honestly, not my Idea, just adapting, what we are doing with APTX/ISDN for years (or even decades)
the only use for LTC/MTC since the the tape machines are sold :wink:

So, how do you route the Talkback signal?
I cannot seem to pan it hard left, so that it does not interfere with the timecode on the hard right?

Or do you just use a regular channel for that?


yes, but most times I wouldn’t talk to the voice talent during the recording, so it doesn’t matter,
BUT I think i’ve created an stereo input and just connected the left channel with the talkback mic.
(with vst connect 3 using the control room the problem will always there because there is no talkback panning!)

To be honest it it didn’t grow into my daily use, it was all too much trouble with VST Connect 2 to use a separate talkback mic and a normal send as a cue… in a complex session, it wasn’t easy to implement, but very easy to lose the overview and much more chance for mistakes!

Now that I can have just another cue send and use the nuendo talkback, AND have the one click installation, it’s really ready for professional use and it feels like it belongs to the DAW and not like an self constructed workaround,
but I would lreally ike to get rid of the ltc and the 2nd audio channel, i have to use for it.
looking forward to MTC!!

Well, some directors will want to talk while recording, although with the added latency it’s qute stupid in a way I would agree. That would probably stop the picture on the other side right away.
I would really love MTC from the engineer’s nuendo to the performer to remote control video on the talent’s side.

We have finally found the MTC bug in VST Connect Performer, sorry for the inconvenience. It will be fixed with the next version. If you are desperate and using a PRO version, drop me a PM.