MUCH easier export/import of tracks from other projects

In short, it’s too frickin’ hard to export/import bits from one CPR to another.

You -can- Export Selected Tracks and then Import Track Archive. Works OK for audio.

But for MIDI/Rack Instruments? It’s a nightmare.

One problem: since one can’t have 2 active CPRs, you can’t see the Automation lanes in the inactive CPR. They’re simply invisible. So for starters, that should be rendered visible.

Now you -can- drag/drop individual automation lanes with the Range tool, but it’s -really- hard to place them where you want in the destination.

ALSO: And this is another Annual Request of Frustration: I say again: The Lane system should NEVER allow for overlapping events on the same lane. When one drags MIDI from one CPR to another, it should auto-magically create NEW lanes to prevent overlaps. Otherwise, if one drops onto track(s) with existing notes, it turns into -spaghetti- trying to untangle which events are which since they overlap.

In short: It should be possible to open 2 CPRs, select the VSTi automation tracks from the source, the MIDI and the MIDI automation tracks and then simply drag them into the new CPR, with newly created lanes.

I guess this has to wait until the 12th of Never when one can have 2 active CPRs, but the current system is almost useless for anything beyond the simplest of tracks.

+1 Exactly

Regards :sunglasses:

Second thing. It would be amazing that tracks archive, presets, plugins, instruments and othr things we can add via DRAG AND DROP from browser (media bay).

Right. Just today I was hoping that I could right click on a MIDI Event in the piano roll and ‘Save Event as MIDI file’. Couldn’t figure it out. That sort of thing should be self-evident.