Much info in ipad manual seems to assume an external keyboard connected to ipad

entering tempo markings

Hi @bbeerma – the iPad manual is derived from the same sources as for the desktop versions, and yes wherever there is a keyboard option that is possible with an external keyboard, it’s included in the iPad manual (as it is technically possible, and useful for those with the device).

However you should find that on-screen equivalents are also described – e.g. by opening the tempo popover using the Notations toolbox buttons on the right of the screen. You can use whichever method is better or accessible to you.

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I hope the upcoming version will depend less on an external keyboard? :pensive:

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There aren’t lots and lots of iPad-specific improvements in the next update because we have as a team been focused on the desktop version of Dorico. So the main aim is to bring the iPad version to parity with the feature set of Dorico 4 and to fix a number of bugs. We are planning to spend some more time focused on the iPad version in particular in the first half of this year.


I totally understand but a floating panel or whatever with Cmd-Opt-Shift + the 4 arrows would be extremely helpful! Perhaps there is a keyboard app that can do this? I couldn’t find it.

There is a grey floating panel on the top left which fulfills the same functions - increase/decrease length by rhythmic grid, transpose by scale/chromatic/octave etc.

It is however undeniably easier to use with a keyboard

Thanks, I know. Unfortunately that is not offering the keys that I need for figured bass functionality in my case.

We certainly do plan to add buttons to the popover on iPad to provide easier navigation using only the display. I’m afraid it won’t be included in the next update (coming very soon) but it’s definitely planned.

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That would be fantastic! Since I upgraded from iPad Pro 9.7" to 12.9" the iPad version is so beautiful, but even on 9.7" super usable! Thanks!