Muddy audio with stage piano on UR44 on headphones

Dear Community,

after I tried many different setups I would like to kindly ask you for some hints on an audio issue with the UR44.

I have the following setup in place:

  • Roland RD-800 keyboard on audio inputs 1-2 of UR44
  • Presonus T8 subwoofer and two JBL monitors in chain on main audio output of UR44
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X headphone on headphone out 1 or 2 of UR44

All built in effects are switched off as far as I can judge via the UR44 software mixer.

Sound of RD-800 grand piano is beautiful via the subwoofer and monitors. I managed to tune it to perfectly fit my monitor setup.
On my headphones connected to UR44 the sound is muddy, way to much bass and it seems that still a reverb effect is switched on.
Somehow I could improve sound a little bit by equalizing the bass frequencies down, which on the other side looses a lot of the dynamics of the grand piano sounds on the RD-800. So this is no real good solution.

Headphones directly connected to the RD-800 sounds perfect. Nevertheless I would like to keep them connected to UR44 as I have some use cases where I need additional sound (play along, lessons, etc.) from my Mac.

I’m wondering about the difference in the sound quality via the monitors compared to the headphones. Do you experience similar issues when hearing audio via the headphones? Did you solve this and how?

Thank you in advance for your hints


Have you panned channels 1 and 2 hard left and right in the mixer?

Maybe upload a screencap of the dspmixfx settings.

Thank you so much!
That significantly improved it. I didn’t notice that this had to be set manually as I linked the two channels to a stereo channel. My fault!