Muddy Unclear Guitar Tracks?

I’m trying to record a guitar track in cubase but it sounds real muddy and not full, is there something that I’m doing wrong to get such a bad basic sound? I’m playing through an Epiphone Les Paul and a Vox AC15, through a Sterling Audio 550 mic and yamaha mg10xu mixer into cubase. Any help is much appreciated! I attached a sample file of a quick guitar track.

To be honest the track does not sound bad. I do hear some low level reverb on it but, I don’t hear what it sounded like when you were recording it. So… since you are saying that this track sounds muddy and not full I can only suggest a few things…

Try positioning the mic in a different position. Most likely you want to place it much closer to the speaker edge. Also, mic distance makes a world of difference too. But you probably already knew these things so my last idea is to check in Cubase to make sure you have no VST effects assigned (pre or post recording) on the guitar audio track or the main stereo out channel. One last thing… try a different mic and compare the differences.

Regards :sunglasses: