Multi Audio File Rendering Error

Hi PG,

Congrats on the release of version 10! In the last version I was able to use a watch folder processor to rename a file based off of some Cart info (Cart Number and Title) in the file. Then it would make an mp3 and a wav file version and place them in Subfolders. Now I am getting this error

Any ideas?

Please send me your batch processor file, so that I can look at the problem more easily.

Thanks PG!

Here is a link to the file.

I’m having a similar possibly related issue in V10. I’ve had a process where I take a folder full of files, put them all into 4 different batch convertors, then press ‘Run All’ V9.5 has no problem running all batches 4 in sequence one after the other.

but in V10 it stops after the first batch with the message “this file is already being processed”

however If I don’t press ‘Run All’ and instead just press ‘start’ manually for each batch after the previous one finishes, It works fine.

If I had to guess, during ‘Run All’ I would say WL10 is not waiting long enough between batches and trying to do 2 things at once.

@randress I can’t reproduce the problem. But I might know the reason: you batch processor refers to audio file format presets. If these preset were not copied from WaveLab 9.5 to WaveLab 10, then the process won’t be able to run.
I am speaking about this folder:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Presets\AudioFileFormat\Master\

If you still thing files are ok, please zip this folder and send it to me. Thanks.