Multi bar rest being broken

Does anyone have an idea why this multi-bar rest might be broken? AFAICS it’s empty.
MB rest.png

I’m guessing it’s your tempo marking. I have a hunch it’s not attached to the beginning of the bar, but to a later rhythmic position.

There are improvements to text handling over multi-bar rests in the forthcoming update, so that might fix things.

I’ve seen this with XML files made in Finale and opened in Dorico. Sorry, don’t have a solution.

That’s what I thought, too, Dan, but the tempo marking is indeed right on the first beat. I even tried removing it and re-entering it. Even tried adding a new time signature. Funny thing is that this is the only spot where this happens, although there are plenty of other spots which begin with a tempo marking over a MB rest. It does it in all parts, too. I have all flags set to show and there’s really nothing there. Well, I’m hoping the impending update takes care of it.

If you could export just that layout as a separate project, then open it, do Play > Playback Template and re-apply the default playback template, then save, zip and attach that project here, I’ll take a look and see what’s going wrong. It’s unlikely that the forthcoming update will change anything in this regard, so it’s better to let us actually diagnose the problem. And, as I’ve said hundreds of times, we need actual projects to diagnose problems, not just pictures.