multi bar rest in a custom layout

Hi there. Does anyone know if Dorico has a problem in showing multi bar rests in a custom layout. I combined two voices in a custom layout. When I display the 2 instrument layouts sepreately they show multibar rests.

Have you been into Layout Options to double check that Multirests are turned on specifically for your custom layout? If not, do!

Hi pianoleo, thanks for answering, bit I am afraid I can’t find an item in layout options concerning multi bar rests.

See attached screenshot.

Two things to note:

A) It’s in the Players category (scroll down)
B) Make sure you have the correct Layout selected (highlighted blue) in the list on the left. You can select multiple layouts simultaneously by holding the shift key when selecting.

Thanks. Great. It works. Unfortunately there are still some bars in the middle of the composition where Dorico doesn’t show a multi bar rest. May have some other reasons. How can I delete bars in the middle of a piece?

The chances are there’s something there, either in plain sight or hidden, that’s preventing the rests from combining.

It’s easiest if you zip up the file and post it here so someone can take a look, but alternatively, go to the relevant place in the custom part layout, make sure all signposts are set to show (View menu > Signposts) and then take a screenshot and upload it here.

Otherwise we could be here making suggestions all day!

I could solve the problem in the meantime. Must have had something to do with that I imported the score from Sibelius. And I now know how to delete bars. You can go on with your work. Thanks.

You might try to delete clefs — I had the issue once, and no signpost could help find this ! Hunt explicit rests also, a big problem with XML imports…

I had a similar problem, see here, I could not make the Multi-Bar Rests show up:

I could solve the problem by deleting a staff specific time signature at a later bar in the score

I’d need to see the project itself to diagnose the problem in this case, Klaus.