Multi-bar rests and bars per system

Is there a way to get multi-bar rests to honor the number of bars per system? If I have it set to 4 bars per system, I don’t want multi-bar rests that exceed that on their own, or in combination with note filled bars.


No, multi-bar rests currently always count as a single bar for the purposes of counting bars when performing fixed casting off.

Feature request?

It’s complicated, isn’t it? If I understand you rightly, you also want Dorico to automatically split multi-bar rests at multiples of the fixed casting off values?

Yes, so I’d get, four systems of four bar rests, instead of one system of a 16 bar rest. It makes it easier for the musicians to find their place when we’re starting and stopping during rehearsals, and also makes it easier to find a good place for a page break.


Also, if there was a bar with notes, then seven bars of rest I would want the first system to have a three bar rest, and the second to have a four bar rests, preserving the four bars per system.

If you want breaks consistently every four bars, you can split multi-bar rests every four bars, which splits them at the same places in all layouts.

There’s rarely enough correlation across layouts for that to work well. I’ve been doing it manually when I format parts by turning off multi-rests for that part, adding system breaks at the necessary bar lines, then turning multi-rests back on. Easy, but time consuming.