Multi bar rests have dissappeared from MusicXML input

I have just input a part as MusicXML from Sibelius. The Multi bar rests have all been hidden despite all the flags for showing multi bar rests being set correctly. The bar count is correct though so it must recognise they are there. I would welcome pointers as to what to try next.

Try selecting and deleting the clefs at the beginning of bar 1. They won’t actually delete, but if you can actually select them they’re explicit clefs and they’re what’s breaking the multirests.

I was able to select them and delete them but the multi bar rests are still hidden

Sorry, I misread the original post. When you say the “flags” are set correctly to show multi bar rests, what exactly do you mean? If you go into Layout Options > Players > Bar Rests and Mult-Bar Rests, what shows? Do you definitely have the correct layout selected in the right panel of Layout Options?

All Layouts are selected in the right panel and ‘show bar rests in empty bars’ is ticked.

Yeah, but are multibar rests set to consolidate or not?

Yes, multi bar rests are set to consolidate.

Thanks for your help and interest. I’ve found the solution. Export the file from Sibelius with the multi bar rests expanded and then consolidate them in Dorico. If you export them as consolidated, nothing you do in Dorico seems to get them to show, even though the bar count is correct.