Multi-bar Rests Inconsistent

In a large orchestral score, several instruments failed to correctly show multi-bar rests. All other instruments did display correctly.

For example (all signposts are visible):

I checked for the usual culprits including:
-not enabling multirests

  • something hidden or intruding into a bar
  • a deleted signpost or time signature
  • incorrect barline type

Erasing everything in the blank bars did not solve the problem.

However, after searching. I stumbled upon a cause that I have not seen documented anywhere and wanted to share it.

Once I highlighted the cresc. and changed the gradual dynamic type to a hairpin, it became evident that it had not been correctly attached to its terminal dynamic:

By erasing all dynamics in the first section and correctly re-entering the group, the rests now displayed correctly:

I have seen this same problem with gradual dynamics up to 20 bars ahead of rests. I can usually attribute this to cutting and pasting but not always.