Multi-bar rests

Im having an issue with Multi-bar rests.
I think it might be an issue cause my midi import.
I hand input some of the music and and imported the entire piano line. So its not written one way.

Ideally I would like to just get rid of some of the instruments like choir and strings on pages that they do not play. It doesn’t even have to be multi bar rests to fix my issue. I just need to reduce the amount of blank rests on the page.

I Have been messing around with layout options and part layouts and engrave mode and nothing will get the bars to group up. Maybe im missing some crucial information? Im not a notation software expert but any advice helps.

P.S. I added bars at the beginning and it groups them as its supposed to.

Have you tried Hiding Empty Staves under Vertical Spacing > Staff Visibility in Layout Options (accessed via the triple-horizontal-lines icon in the upper right corner of the iPad screen?

Lol i just figured it out after scrolling through one of those one hour long engraving videos, and i found that exact setting. Thanks so much!