Multi-channel audio editing

I am trying to create a DVD-A but first need to edit the multi-channel file. How do I group the channels so that when I do and edit it occurs across all channels. This is simple to do in Nuendo but for the life of me, I can’t seem to locate this function in the Wavelab 8 manual or elsewhere.



In the Edit menu, there is a sub menu called “All tracks”.

There is no natural way to do this. You can do a number of editing function across multiple tracks in the montage as a work-around (after splitting the multichannel file into separate mono or stereo files), and with practice this is quite usable (though there are major inconsistencies in what can be done, and how) - I have done a significant amount of editing that way, and routinely prepare CDs or DVDs. But there is no provision for multichannel editing in the destructive editor, so many things are not possible, in particular (for me) spectral editing of a multichannel source; for that I use a different editor (Audition).


I’m dredging-up this thread, since it already starts at the problem I’ve having. Can someone provide some details about how to apply edits to all tracks in a Montage? I see only 3 commands under the “All Tracks” submenu, and this is not a useable workflow for multichannel files, where every selection, trim or fade must be applied to all tracks. I get that WL is not a real multitrack editor, but how can any kind of multichannel work happen if there is no way to edit all tracks together? Please fill-in what I must be missing…


I don’t do any multi-channel file work but when I’m mastering stereo stems in the box, I often need to do some editing equally to files on all the tracks in a montage, things like trimming, fades, adjusting volume envelopes, and moving around etc.

To do this I make sure the clips that I want to edit are selected (highlighted), and then hold OPTION while I perform the edit to one of the clips. In most cases this will edit all selected clips.

There is also a way to group selected clips but to my confusion, when clips are grouped and you go trim the ends or apply fades, it only happens on the one clip you apply, not all of them.

Because of this, I never actually group the tracks, I just select the clips I want to edit as a group, and hold option while I do my edit.

I’m using OSX, so if on Windows it could be different. With OSX, the OPTION key is helpful.

Good explanation. On Windows it’s the ALT key, and it’s invaluable for 5.1. I would only add that “Ctrl-Shift/mouse click-hold/draw a box around clips to select”, is also invaluable to quickly multi-select clips on multiple tracks (to move clip edges simultaneously, adjust fade times simultaneously, etc., with ALT).
It took me a while to get used to Wavelab’s way with multichannel, coming from another program, but I find it quite workable.
btw, I’ve never really found a good use for Wavelab’s “group” function because it didn’t do what I expected it to do: group for editing or adjusting, like this. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

I was really surprised that grouping clips in Wavelab didn’t included more functions. I thought that grouping clips would mean that applying fades and resizing clips would happen as a group but really it’s the option/ALT key that makes all this happen.

I actually gave up on making actual groups and just use the option (or ALT on windows) key for most grouping needs.

Thanks for the confimation jperkinski.
Even though I get by with multichannel editing in Wavelab, it still would be easier if we could edit multichannel (more than 2 chan) files. bheller’s right about the lack of commands also. The only one we’ve got is “all tracks/split at cursor”, which I always use with 5.1. Honestly it’s all I need (along with the ability to simultaneously adjust fade times and move clip edges across multiple tracks with ALT, but things could be easier with mutichannel (>2ch) file edit functions (editing and spectral), requested many times in the past, and now again.

Interesting- is the alt/opt thing documented? I couldn’t find it, and of course we need something more predictable than it “usually” edits all clips…