Multi Channel Free Warp, Alas not for me

Hey there I’m having a bit of trouble with the new Multi Channel Free Warp Feature.

This is the feature I have been waiting for since I started using Cubase and I was psyched to update from 10 to 12.

So here’s the issue:
It doesn’t work! Not only does it not work but it causes very audible phasing snippets. But here’s the kicker: it causes them to be not only where warping has occurred, but completely randomly accord the whole whole audio event! If I then play the audio for a few times it changes where the phase issues happen over the duration of the audio event and then, completely causes the audio for those tracks to fail, with the channel strip showing a maxed out level meter but
Absolutely no sound coming out. I have tried using the tool in the arranger view, I have tried in the proper Sample View. It always turns out completely fucked. I have group edit and phase edit switched on in the folder tracks.

I hope that I have just missed checking some option that will sort this problem out. This is super frustrating!!!

Here’s what the project looks like:

3 folders each containing 16 tracks from
Drum recordings all routed to group channels to be mixed from there. Various plugins on the group channels for compression and eq.
Multiple channels of Guitars.

The Project was originally a cubase 10 project which I then opened in 12.

I’ve already tried changing the algorithm, changing the warping tool from free to the 2 fixed modes (which stretches the project time but not the audio wtf?).

I also noticed that it had warped all the tales in the different lanes unter the Audio on the front of the track and thought that might be the problem. But sadly having just one lane selected lead to the same buggy issues.

Hoping someone might have a clue as to what on earth is causing these super weird problems.
I really was looking forward to not having to slip-edit and cut my Drum takes in the projects I am working on at the moment and it was the main reason for me buying this update.

Thanks in advance

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Hey man! I also have issue with this feature and was waiting for it for a long time! I hear wierd noises and loud white noise sound while editing sometimes but it seems to work while im editing in some way but when Im finished and I want to just bounce selection to commit it freezes and I have to force quit the application.


+1 Hope Dev team fix this ASAP.

Have the same problem here! Bought CB12 because of THIS FEATURE and it simply doesn’t work… awful noises, glitches, even my VSTs randomly don’t let the sound go thru…

And when I want to bounce my work - it freezes like bjarkiomarssonmusic said before…
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Hi all,

We are working on a fix for the first maintenance update.

All the best,

When should we expect that?

Just to reenforce it.
I got this glitches too on every event that I free warped in a group with phase locking.

Same here. Anxiously awaiting the update…

Update did not fix it.

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Still getting glitches & weirdness using phase coherent warp with updated C12 Pro

Same here.

I think some shorter snippets of “glitched” and “not glitched” audio might help someone diagnose what’s going on … Or links to a youtube video that shows the problem or somesuch.

The update did fix the Software crashing when using freewarp. So good job on that one!

Sadly the freewarp still isn’t phase coherent. I’ll see if I can create a quick video with lossless audio so you can hear what’s going on.

That being said overall performance has improved a lot with the update!

well it did not fix that for me. did a full drum take edit and tried it and happend again,… freeze and had to force quit

Is this still a thing? Just wondering, because I can’t even get three tracks to warp together in group edit. Only the first track warps.

I used it quite a bit (version 12.0.40) and no problems. I used it in multi-track mode (in a folder with the tracks all sync’d).
I found it very simple to use and it allowed be to align tracks up to the grid, no problem. I didn’t notice any audio phasing, but my material might differ slightly.
Anyhow, best results I just use ‘free warp’ tool. You might also want to bounce things out as you go if you really need to do a lot of work to it.
You kind of need one track as your rhythm guide, if you have to jump around a lot I also noticed it can get a bit buggy, then you either start over or bounce then start fresh.

Cubase 12.0.70 still has problems today in February 2024!!!

Been a Cubase user for years- used this feature with no issue whatsoever until today mid session with an out of state client which has been a complete showstopper. Has this problem been resolved???