Multi-Channel Routing Question

In N7, is there a way to route a mono source via a multi-channel bus (5.1 for example) to 6 individual mono mix tracks instead of a single multitrack mix track. I need to deliver 6 individual wav files, L,R,C,LFE,LS,RS so I’d rather mix this way as opposed to converting the 5.1 to individual wav files after the fact for delivery.

You can export your mix as individual files without converting them.
Just flag the “split channels” in the export mixdown window.


  1. Create 6 mono outputs (if your surround format is 6-wide, e.g. 5.1)
  2. On your multi-channel group: Create 6 Sends, connect them to your 6 newly created mono outputs
  3. Switch your Sends on, set them at 0dB, make sure they are post-fader
  4. On the Sends/Panning tab of this multi-channel groups’ Channel Settings Window (the “e”-Window): open the Mix Convert Window by double-clicking on the upper 5.1>1.0 “logo”.
  5. On each the 6 Mix Convert Windows: open the additional Input Window by means of clicking the lower-left arrow
  6. Solo the appropriate channel in the Input Window (the speaker-icon turns red) for the corresponding “leg”, e.g. you solo the front L speaker on your first send; solo the + speaker -LFE- (in the middle of the rectangle) for your fourth channel

Keep in mind that Mix Convert applies a pan law to your downmix (which, basically in your setup, is not a downmix) so if you find different output levels compared to the levels you’re sending to your multi-channel group, tweak the Mix Convert settings until you’re satisfied with the results.

Niek/ Amsterdam

What Fredo said seems like the easiest solution.

Excellent, thanks for the help.

Very easy:

Audio mixdown > click "split channels " > export

and it will export each one as a seperate mono file.

If you want to have the same file on all 6 channels (or even if not) - replicate the mono track 6 times then assign the bus output of each to l/r/ls/rs/c etc when you export the file through the 5.1 bus.