Multi channel template missing - Cubase AI 4

Please help, as I am new to Cubase and DAW concept.

I did follow all activate/registration & installation as per manual instruction.
The Multi channel templates in the new project tab is missing. But I have a incomplete software installation issue prior to this…no ‘Installations has been successful’ message and did not get to the final stage of the install which is the ‘Summary’. I have to manually shut it down because it’s taking to long to complete but I still access the program. IS THIS NORMAL?


Thanks in advances

Cubase AI 4 does not support multi channel at all.

Thanks for the reply mate, so how and where can I get these templates from?


Cubase AI 4 does not support multi channle, so I´m almost 100% certain, there are no (working) multi channel templates for AI 4.