Multi-channel VSTi and Group template

Hello friends,

I am working at trying to create a multi-channel output VSTi instrument template. If I consider drums, I would also like to include a “drum buss” Group with this template in the MixConsole.

For example if I think about Superior Drummer - each drum/mic goes to its own audio VSTi output channel.

In the Cubase mixconsole, these individual tracks are routed to a drum buss.

In this example we have:

  • a VSTi instrument with multiple (audio channel) outputs

the VSTi audio channels in the mix console have individual effects (i.e. kick drum, snare)
these audio outputs are routed to a “buss” in the mix console.

Basically a simple multichannel drum kit setup - routed to a mix buss. :smiley:

My question - is it possible to save this as a “template” - something that I can call up with any project?

Many thanks.


File/save as template ?

Select your tracks (including the group). From File Menu - Export/Selected Tracks.

In new project File menu - Import/Track Archive.