Multi-channel WAV export - stereo pairs

I want to create a multi-channel WAV file of stereo stems from my stereo group channels (i.e. Drums, Bass, Keys, etc…).

I know I need to add an Ambisonics 3rd Order output to give me 16 channels of outputs, but…

I can’t see any way to address the Ambisonic output channels as stereo pairs (e.g. 0 & 1, 2 & 3, 4 & 5…). Anything I route to the Ambisonics output will only allow me to select one output channel, even though the group I’m trying to route is a stereo group.

In my playback software (that handles multi-channel Wav files), the stems are only appearing in left or right, which proves Cubase is only sending to one mono channel at a time.

I want to be able to send a stereo group to such as Ambisonics output 6 & 7 as a stereo pair. Is there a way?

User Dietz kindly helped me with a similar question, so perhaps the answer to your question is the same:

Stereo & mono sources into one 12-channel wav? - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

Thanks for responding.

I don’t see a solution. The problem is that when I open up the routing for my stereo Group I can only see singular outputs listed - no option to choose a pair.
In this screenshot the Ambisonics output is named ‘Stems’:

Ah, ok.

What I do (Nuendo) is create an output bus with the amount of channels that I need. In my case it was 12 channels so I chose a 7.1.4 output bus. I then created child-buses for that 7.1.4 output, so it looks like this:

The bracketed paths are stereo paths (i.e. “FX - 6-7” etc.) and show up when routing my outputs. Here’s a screen shot from my mixer’s output bus for the SFX stem:

Then in order to make sure the mapping is the way I wanted it I used the “MixerDelay” plugin to reroute them.


Thank you so much. That’s got me on track. :+1:

Yep, that’s working. The thing that had me beat is that I can’t create stereo pair children in the Ambisonics option. That’s a show-stopper.

The 7.1.4 output looks like the best of the rest, but it leaves me shy of the 16 channels (8 stereo) I ideally wanted. Better than nothing, though.

Much appreciated!

You could look at other formats though, like 22.2. Try creating that channel config instead and create child-buses in it. I think you might get 8x2 that way.

I don’t see that output option. Maybe it’s Nuendo only?

Could be…

Yep, doesn’t exist in Cubase. I guess they have to justify that extra cost somehow!