Multi channel wav file disorder

This is a recursive problem i have. When i import multi channel 5.1 wave files from Protools, the channels are not in the correct order when played as is, nor when split in separated channels on import (you don’t know what is what as .L .C etc. are not assigned to the correct channels). I really need a way to get rid of this problem. Any ideas ?

Note : Protools export it as LCRLsRsLfe, and these files are correctly read by Sound Forge Pro 10 and Audition is so cool, it is so full of support

Guess not many round here use 5.1!

Plus, this is a user forum. Support is a different thing, gotten from a different place:

Ableton developers were always on their user forum, even Native Instruments ones are sometimes. I don’t see why Steinberg won’t read us.

About Steinberg not listening to its clients, this is really a situation. We’ll have to figure something one day or another.

But for the few users of 5.1, you’re probably right. I’ll have to figure a Macro combo to reorder the tracks myself. If i got it right, i’ll post it here of course.

I will be setting my control room up for 5.1 in the near future…so I’m maybe not saying very much, but I am paying attention. I will be mixing to 5.1, but my regular audio sources will be Cubase / Nuendo.

I and others will be interested to know what happens, so please keep posting


Hi there,

we are reading the forum, but in order to get support from Steinberg directly, you will have to use the link from ArjanP.
We are trying not to interfere the user-to-user forum.

Coming back to your issue:
The solution should be that in the VST Connection you need to create a “6.0 Cine” Output.
The normal non professional 5.1 Output Setup is L R Lfe Ls Rs.
In your case your should try a Cine 6.0 configuration: L R C Ls Rs Cs

After this Cine 6.0 Setup, you will only have to connect the right Outputs for the imported Tracks and everything should be fine.

Hey thank you Marcus, that could do the trick for playing the multi channel file !

But for the import, i’m still have to reorder or rename the mono channels manually because it is disordered…

Hi there,

If you create the Cine 6.0 Output Bus and change to it, this should be done automatically when you import
then afterwards the Multi- Channel file.

Create the Cine 6.0 Output Bus and connect it to your ASIO- Device

Now import the Multi- Channel Audio File

Now everything should be fine.