Multi channels WAV file export

I want to export a 24-channel audio file, is there a way? That is, one WAV file that contains 24 tracks. At the moment I use Cubase to export 24-channel multitracks (24 of WAV files) and then use Audacity to export them as a single WAV file with 24 channels, but it would be useful if I could do it all in Cubase.

Do you mean a mixdown of the 24 tracks?
If so yes, just select the stereo out on export.

You cannot export a 24 channel wav file in Cubase. Maximum 16 channels.
To do this, you need to add “3rd order ambisonic out” in “audio connections” and route the signals to the appropriate outputs there.

What kind of sorcery is this? :grin:
Didn’t know about this, thanks guys! I will study about it.

Thank you Janostudio. It seems like it’s impossible to export 24ch WAV in Cubase, then I have to use other software. It’s bit shame that Steinberg supports only conventional format, not customised multi channel format for exporting.