Multi-click menus

I’ve created a macro page with a menu and deactivate “Checkable”. According to the developers manual this option can recall a script function repeatedly when it is clicked. I cannot get this to work at all. I want to create a menu with two items. Every time I click the options it does not seem to perform the function a second time. For example if I use a Boolean created parameter I expect it to run the script again getting a new false or new true value but instead it is the same. I tried using a string and I’ve tried using an array but nothing has prevailed. Has anyone gotten this function to actually work?

You have to define you parameter like this:

table = {'Item1', 'Item2', 'Item3'}
function onMenu()

	name = 'Menu',
	onChanged = onMenu,
	writeAlways = true,
	strings = table,
	default = 1,

By default a Halion parameter won’t trigger the callback if the value doesn’t change. Setting writeAlways to true changes that.
You’re probably going to have to work in the boolean based on the number value of the string list array.

Thanks! I’ll try this!

I just tried it. “writealways” was the part I needed to make it work for me. Thank you again!