multi-column layout for worksheet

I’m trying to create a multipage educational handout where each page has a title centered up top and two rows of staves, one on the left and one on the right. Each staff is a short exercise, say 2 measures long. 6 rows of staves would make for 12 exercises per page.

I decided the best approach was to make each page its own flow. 12 frames per page.
So I made a master page with 12 music frames, one for each staff. I’d like to have each page’s flow title centered at the top of that page. But all the music frames are on the left or the right of the page, not in the center.

Can you think of any way for me to put the flow title in the center at the top?

Rather than using 12 music frames, you could use 6 music frames with a Coda between each system. It’s a bit hacky but it should work.

Alternatively, if you’re positive you want 12 music frames, you could turn off Flow Headings (in Layout Options) and add a text frame to the master page. That way you can center it.

Thank you, pianoleo! Hmm, so the idea is that I would hide the Coda sign? And is it ok to have 6 codas… per page?

I didn’t realize it was possible to fill a text frame when it appears on a page, rather than with fixed content or tokens on a master page. Would that require a master page override for each page?

You can have as many Codas as you like, and there’s a specific Hide property. Unfortunately there’s no Filter for Repeat Regions so you need to hide them individually (or Cmd/Ctrl+click each one and then Hide them all in one go).

You can add a single text frame to your master page, containing the {@flowTitle@} token - no need for overrides here.

Oh, perfect! Not sure why I didn’t think of that. Thanks!