Multi CPUs ?

I think I finally decided to stay with Cubase after mulling Pro Tools HDX and Native. Is Cubase programmed to handle dual cpus (workstations) and make use of multi cores (8-12 total) ? I read in gear slutz of a pro tools hd native test where a fast 4 core cpu was not able to handle near as many vsts as a slower 12 core cpu. I usually have no more than 35 tracks for a project but do use a lot of vsts from Waves Mercury. I don’t record more than 3 tracks at a time. I see that Steinberg mentions HP Z800 and HP Z400 workstations but can not find info about their effectiveness over a fast non xeon single Intel CPU. Considering a newer Computer build.

I7 920, 9 GB RAM, SSL X-desk with SSL X-Panda, Lexicon PCM Outbaord, SSL Superanalogue Outboard,RME FF 800( Soon to be replaced by RME Madi PCIe FX ) need the outs in MADI, Windows 64 Bit Ultimate, Lexicon PCM Native Reverbs, Waves Mercury, Melodyne Bundle.


looking at your specs, I’d say that you should have no problem at all.
But maybe this article could be helpful?