Multi de-bleed

Would be amazing to feed in a group of tracks
say violins, 4 piece choir singer and keys and automatically debleed all against each other so they each are as clean as possible.
Right now when I have long tracks I cant batch the process say go to sleep and wake up to de-bleeded tracks - this is a very time consuming process to manually do it for each track. also I think if there was an iterative process that improves the debleed while making each track cleaner 1 step at a time could be a game changer for multitracked live gigs.
my 2 cents.

You mean like 4-way de-bleed all against each other at the same time (as opposed to one process of de-bleed per process)? You mean like the concept of multiplayer interactive games, the de-bleed process would de-bleed from each other at the same time?

I cant speak for the main developer of Spectralayers but from my experience of coding that probably would open up an endless pandoras box of variables. The only way I could see that being implemented is if it’s done in a batch processing like function. So for example, lets say you recorded a Orchestral performance using about 12 microphones and recorded 12 different instruments (that vary from violins to brass to flutes etc) and you wanted to de-bleed each recorded take from each other, then it is possible to add a batch de-bleed process function. However it would most likely be processed on a one-by-one basis rather than it all being processed simultaneously at the same time. For example, a function could be implemented to multi batch-debleed where you process one instrument at one time (for example a violin) and you take the other 11 remaining instruments and (either temporarily merge them or step-by-step/one-by-one) de-bleed to source layer.

I believe batch processing/batch rendering solves many problems for Spectralayers. Batch processing/Batch rendering with tons of customization is the way to go. It solves many problems. Applying a process function directly to Batch Processing could easily be defined as a preset (sort of like the idea of presets within other processes like “de-reverb”) and you could expand that function to a preset within the file menu under any tab and you could even implement certain functions to work like how macros/short-cut keys operate.