Multi Delay Panning Problem

Has anyone noticed how multi delay adds the dry signal to the delay the further you pan “Delay L/R” left or right?

To check this I moved mix to 100%, so you’re only supposed to hear the delay without the initial sound your playing. But when you pan, the dry signal starts fading in either hard left or right, depending on your pan.

This obviously spoils your mix because things that needed to be dead centre now lean to the side.
Panning the sound as a whole obviously doesn’t help, because then your delay is off centre.

Anyone else have this problem, or am I just lucky?

I had to check the manual because it isn’t really clear what’s happening :slight_smile:

When taking this into account: A delay with a time of 1000ms and Delay L/R set to Rx0.10 results in a delay that is 10 times shorter on the right channel (100ms). So Rx0.01 is 100 times shorter (10ms) and Rx0.00 is instant.
When you use the LF and HF filters, you can hear the instant signal with a Rx0.00 setting is still running entirely through the Multi Delay.

Firstly, pardon my ridiculously late reply. Got busy and kind of forgot about this post.

Thanks very much for your reply though.

I see what you’re saying about the math of the delay time, but my main concern is that in Halion 5.0 when you moved the delay L/R to either extreme, it didn’t add the first (0 ms) delay on top of the dry sound. As I mentioned, I noticed this because all my mixes changed with sounds leaning left or right where they should be centre. It serves no purpose to add the 0 ms delay, because it can’t be perceived as a delay and only messes with your panning.

I don’t know if this is a big enough issue for them to change on a future release, but let’s hope so.