Multi Export Naming Scheme


I’m trying to export multiple files at once and I’d like to rename them.
I want to remove the original file name so I set up the naming scheme like this: Free text_Counter.

But after the first file is rendered the export stops.
(Probably because I removed the “Name” attribute in the naming scheme.)

I know I can use Batch Renaming or a batch processor with rename files option, but is there a way to do it when exporting?
Naming scheme.png

I think it’s because with this naming scheme, you’ll end up with 8 of the same file names as far as I can tell.

WaveLab would have to be smart enough to silently add a number to the file names to prevent overwriting files (something that REAPER does).

This is just my guess because I never use this method. If you were in a montage, the counter would up the file name to Thunder 02, Thunder 03, Thunder 04 etc.

What is your ideal name for each file? My experience with the “Counter” option is that it handles the CD Track number but if you are working with raw WAV files and not in a montage, the “Counter” number will probably always be 01 which would create duplicate file names.


You are right, this does not work. However, this would be coherent to have it working. I will try to fix this for 9.0.30.

Thanks PG and Justin.

I think this tweak is most important to get into the next version. I need Wavelab to control my version numbering in the same way that Cubase does it when rendering files. If it sees a file with the same name the version is automatically updated to ‘02’. ‘03’, etc, etc. Now would have expected, for consistency, both products from the same producer to have the same version control functionality.

The counter function in the naming attributes seems logical, but it finctions in a way i was not expecting, i.e. its counts up on batches with different filenames so I get :

file1 [test master 001].wav
file2 [test master 002].wav
file3 [test master 003].wav

When i actually want :

file1 [test master 001].wav
file2 [test master 001].wav
file3 [test master 001].wav

and then when I update file1 i want:

file1 [test master 002].wav (where ‘002’ is the ‘version’ counter.

This is really important if your client expects work to be done in accordance with ISO9000 as with my work.

Can this be added?