Multi File Rendering, selecting Usage of Processor Cores NW

It appears that choosing different numbers of processor cores is not affecting the actual core usage. I’m using an Intel i9-7980XE (18-cores) on an MSI X299 Carbon Gaming Pro MB, and whether I choose 4, 8, 12, or All Cores, only two cores seem to be hitting 100% (the rest are basically idle) and the amount of time it takes to render files with different core settings all come out equal. Am I missing something?



How are you rendering (regions/cd tracks, selected clips, whole montage?, or from many individual files in the batch processor?). Rendering to how many different formats?

In the batch processor, there is one core used per file to process.
But if you have a single file, only one core is used.

Ah, I see. Yes, I was processing a single Montage. Now I understand how that works.

Thanks, PG!


I’m looking to upgrade my 2013 3.5ghz i7 iMac in order to a) improve playback of intensive plugins and b) speed up rendering of clips/tracks in a single montage.

Am I right in assuming that I will be able to increase the number of plugins without grinding to a halt but rendering times won’t improve significantly?

It depends. If your work is targeted to batch processing multiple files, the more cores the better.
If you need more plugins in real-time, favour the CPU clock speed.