Multi input routing from one VST to another and using external MIDI and internal VST3 midi

Hey guys,

I’m a Bitwig user and looking at Cubase/Nuendo (DEMO/Trial) for film scoring. I want to see if I can purchase this so I’m testing capabilities. I used Cubase back in 99/2000 so its a long time, lol.

SO far, I am able to load the Lie software/VST from Expressive E and I can use it no problem with “All Midi in” when playing on my keyboard and using the Touche at the same time.

I also have no problem controlling any VST (like Lie above) using MIDI out from a VST3 (like Rason3 pattern mutator; This VST3 generates MIDI, has MIDI out).

BUT, lets say I load a Reason VST3 that has an arpeggiator/MIDI note generator (like pattern Mutator). I want to control Lie VST with both my MIDI keyboard, the Touche, and the MIDI out coming from Reason VST3.

So far Cubase/Nuendo is limited to picking ALL MIDI or the VST3, I cant do both. Are there any workaround?

Coming from Bitwig, this can be done there no problem using a MIDI plugin to add an additional MIDI source. I did not see such thing in Cubase/Nuendo.

Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile: If this works, I’m sold on Cubase/Nuendo!

So, Reason puts a MIDI input into the matrix that isn’t detected when choosing ‘ALL’ as a track input?

Mac or Windows?

I’m on windows here. If I’m understanding properly, then I use a virtual MIDI cable called loopMIDI (or whatever virtual MIDI port driver you prefer).

If Reason requires setting its output to a MIDI port directly, then use the virtual MIDI port and you should be set to use that as an input for any track you like. If instead it puts an input in the list of MIDI in ports that for some reason cannot be hooked as an input to MIDI or Instrument tracks…then correct it with an empty Router MIDI Track.

Make an empty MIDI track that has your VST3 input set for its input. Set the output of this track to your Virtual MIDI port. Set the monitor button for this track to active. At this point you’ll have that VST3’s output at your disposal through what appears to Cubase to be a standard MIDI port.

You can also use MIDI Transformer inserts to build filters for your inputs if you only want a track to listen to specific channels or event types.

So Reason VSt3 in Cubase/Nuendo (or any DAW), which runs as a VST inside cubase/nuendo, outputs midi, so if you set the input of another MIDI/instrument track to Reason VSt3, then it will feed from that MIDI. The All MIDI option does not include the MIDI coming out of Virtual instruments for some reason.

I’m doing this in Windows.

In Reason VST3, you simply set the thing to output midi, the Virtual insturment itself doesnt know where its outputing to but Cubase/Nuendo can take that and input to another MIDI/instrument track. Hope that makes sense? Its just when you use all MIDI, its all hardware inputs it seems, but any MIDI coming out of VST’s , you can only pick one, not a bunch of them in combination with the all midi hardware midi ins.

My goal is to trigger a VST with MIDI coming in from two external hardware (Touche and MIDI keyboard) + MIDI coming in from another VST (in this case Reason VST).

ill certainly check loopMIDI, but I’m not using Reason externally or anything, this is a VST.

I see. That’s why you’ll need an empty MIDI track with monitor active to reroute it to the Virtual MIDI port. Cubase will see the virtual MIDI port as if it were a hardware interface then.

The Virtual port will come in handy for a LOT of things, so it’s good to have one installed anyway. Not only can you use it to loop back into Cubase, but you could also connect MIDI tracks to generic remote maps with it. Of course, it’s good for connecting other stand alone MIDI apps running on the same machine and user account. I.E. Running controllers through something like Bome Translators, and then into Cubase via virtual port(s).

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Sweetness, will give the virtual midi a shot. Thanks a lot!