"Multi instruments" as seen in Studio One

Cubase needs an environment for building layered instrument patches, like in Studio ONE:

"Multi Instruments

Multi Instruments let you stack multiple synths and instruments, as layers or key splits, on a single Instrument Track and record, edit, and play them like a single Instrument. A Multi Instrument not only adds full control over keyboard and velocity zones, it also provides you with powerful Note FX routing options.

A fully customizable Macro Panel with eight assignable knobs and buttons and two X/Y pads gives you control over any parameter on any stacked Instrument or over multiple parameters on multiple Instruments at the same time.

Each Multi Instrument has its own Mixer channel, with each individual output of the combined Instruments as full-featured sub-channels. Process these outputs with plug-ins and sends, then save everything into a single Multi Preset. This opens a huge new range of possibilities for creative production and sound design."


This is my biggest feature request by far too! It’s one of the biggest things I love in Ableton Live, Logic and S1. Cubase is one of the few DAWs left which doesn’t offer it.