Multi midi keyboards for organ

Here is the problem. I have a live concert that I need to use a Kontakt organ library in cubase 12 (with other vst plugins and project), and I need to play this organ with 3 manual (hand midi keyboards) and 1 foot pedal keyboard. And I don’t know how to set up these four midi keyboards for 4 midi channel to passthrough kontakt player.
Now it just can use my pedal (channel 1), but 3 manual (2, 3, 4 channel) don’t work.

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The more information you provide, the easier it is for others to provide help.
Lets start with the basics:
OS version?
Cubase 12 flavour? (Pro, Artist, etc.)
The Kontakt library in question?
The MIDI controllers you’re mentioning?

Is Kontakt set to “Omni”?

  • I’m using PC (windows 11)
  • Cubase 12 pro
  • Content digital organ with 3 manuals

The organ library is a multiple kontakt set, and each kontakt slot corresponds a midi channel.
Such as:

No matter which channel I press the MIDI keyboard will only have response from MIDI Ch: [A]1

On the MIDI track in Cubase, is the MIDI channel set to “Any”?

hmm, where is it? ::

In the inspector, under the “Kontakt” instrument is the midi output channel, it should be set to a channel rather than “any”. Create 4 midi tracks with the midi input coming from each of your keyboards (pedals) and then set the midi output channel for each from 1-4 (sending to Konatakt) and enable monitor (yellow button right of record).
Good luck!

I see two options:

  1. use the standalone Kontakt player
  2. if you insist on using Cubase:
    Create 4 instrument tracks with each an instance of Kontakt,
    For each track you can assign a keyboard.

The screen shot shows the four Organs are assigned MIDI channels 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 (which is standard) but you can change that if you want.

Sure! Thanks a lot!

Or do the exact opposite and only use one MIDI track set to “Any”. :slight_smile:

Just looked them up. Very cool!

This is poor advice.
In this case, there is no benefit whatsoever to creating multiple instances of Kontakt.

If he sets the midi track to “any”, how can he assign 4 different keyboards?

@beatpete To my understanding, the OP has 1 MIDI device with 3 manuals. Not 3 separate MIDI keyboards.

That said, if you set your MIDI Input to “All MIDI Inputs” and channel to “Any” you can have multiple MIDI devices sending on multiple channels routed to a single instrument.

Neither “Any” nor the Channel Numbers on a Track’s Inspector controls what MIDI Channels a Track is listening to and Recording. By default a Track receives, and will Record all the Channels. If you want to restrict what Channels a Track receives use the Input Transformer.

That Inspector setting controls what Channels the Track plays back on. Suppose you have a MIDI Part with its Notes on a mix of Channels 1-4. If you set the Inspector to Ch. 1 then all the Notes will playback on Ch. 1 . The Notes on Channels 2-4 are all converted to Ch. 1 when playing. However if set to “Any” the Notes will play using their original Channel Number.